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Weekly Recap: Providers in Washington, Texas and Idaho Make the Case for DME

It was a busy week for grassroots providers across the country as the different groups rallied support at the state and federal levels for the HME community.

Washington Providers Meet with Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.)

The group met in Spokane with the Congresswoman who sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee to discuss challenges that providers and patients are facing with Medicare. VGM’s John Gallagher was in Spokane to attend the meeting which he says was very productive. She was very interested how rural providers are being impacted by changes in Medicare, including the retroactive reimbursement of the July 2016 cuts to DME and what that means for Medicare beneficiaries in Eastern Washington.


Texas Providers Make the Trip to Austin to Raise DME Awareness:

A newly formed Texas association of providers, TexMEP (Texas Medical Equipment Providers Association) met in the Capital city of Austin this week to attend meetings in the Legislature and discuss some of the issues that Texas providers are having with Medicaid policies and the burden of the regulations that ultimately impacting the Medicaid patients of Texas. Collin Brecher of VGM Government Relations was in Austin to attend the nearly two dozen meetings at the Capitol on Wednesday. The group is looking forward to giving a voice to

Idaho Meetings with State and Federal Officials

After meeting with Washington providers, John Gallagher traveled to Boise, Idaho for a meeting with providers Senator Mike Crapo’s office to discuss the rural issues facing providers and patients in Idaho.

Next, a group met at the state Capitol to rally support for the state to move forward on state licensure in Idaho in order to ensure that Idaho patients maintain a high level of accessibility to care. The strong showing made an impact and continue to gain support in the legislature!