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Victory! H.R. 284 passes through House!

This afternoon Congress passed H.R. 284, the binding bids bill, by unanimous consent. This is a large step closer to fixing the flawed competitive bidding program.

The passing of this bill through H.R. 284 is the largest hurdle of the race.

Is the bill perfect? No! No bill ever is. The implementation date is problematic. But that is something that can and will be worked out with the Senate and House staff.

What’s the next step? Passing the senate bill, S.148. And then on to the White House for the president’s signature.

H.R. 284-Binding Bids Bill will…

  • Will require proof of state licensure before a supplier can submit a bid.
  • Will require a bidding supplier to obtain a bid bond in order to participate in the bidding process.

Will forfeit bids if the bidder declines the contract or is at or below the bid prices.