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VGM’s US Rehab and PFQC gain media attention on CRT Petition

Reaching out to your local news is the best way to create awareness and gain supporters of our issue. Yesterday People for Quality Care, US Rehab and VGM Government Relations visited the University of Northern Iowa to share our message and to gain students’ support of the Protect My Independence Campaign. Our local news channel covered the story.

Click here to view the story from KWWL news.

We need more signatures on the White House Petition and here’s how you can help.

Begin by visiting to sign the petition.

Next, consider planning an event like ours in your area. It was easy!

1) Find a high traffic area, for example a mall or student union at a university.

2) Prior to the event, contact your local media to draw attention and gain awareness of the issue.

3) Set up a table with the capability to access the petition via iPad or laptop.

4) Educate people on the issue and ask for their support by signing the petition. It doesn’t hurt to provide an incentive of a candy bar or slice of pizza to bring people to your table.

It was amazing how many people were energized to take action. Many had personal stories of family members who use complex wheelchairs. The results have been positive as we’ve seen a jump in the petition numbers since yesterday’s event.

Finally, like the Protect My Independence page on Facebook and share Protect My Independence cover photos, badges and posts. The Facebook page also features a poster that you can download, print and place in your store.

Please let us know how the team at VGM can help!