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VGM and AAHomecare pound the pavement in DC, working on a compromise with Senate and House; Your Action is Needed today!

Clint Geffert and John Gallagher of VGM along with VGM and MAMES member Cindy Coy of Avera Home Medical Equipment and Tom Ryan and Jay Witter of AAHomecare have been busy with congressional meetings since yesterday afternoon.

With only a few working days until Congress adjourns for the Summer recess, these meetings couldn’t have come at a better time as the Senate and House have to come to a compromise on the PADME bills (H.R. 5210 and S.2736).

We need everyone’s help getting these bills to a compromise. The grassroots coalition has played a key role in this legislation getting through the final stages of the legislative process. We encourage all providers reach out to their Senators and Representative today and ask that they push for an agreement between the House and Senate.

It is still extremely important to flood the inboxes of congressional offices to urge their support of a compromise on these two bills! Your friends, co-workers, patients, family, friends on social media or anyone in between could be affected by these reimbursement cuts and they must be stopped!

Please call or email your members of Congress today!