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Veterans Mobility Safety Act Passes in the Senate with Improvements

H.R. 3471, the Veterans Mobility Safety Act of 2016 will be heading back to the House after the Senate passed the legislation which included an amendment from Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) late last week. The bill requires the VA to establish quality and safety standards for adaptive equipment and vehicles including:

  • Equipment quality and safety
  • Certification of providers by third-party manufacturers or other organizations
  • Training for VA personnel administering the program
  • Allowances for modifications at the veteran’s residence

What Sen. Moran’s amendment does is ensures that the certification process was not limited to one specific organization which allows providers more opportunity to be certified. VGM, Accessible Home Improvement of America (AHIA) and U.S. Rehab have put a great amount of effort into these changes. AHIA is in the process of creating a new training program on hitch mounted lifts to address this need.

Once the bill passes through the House once more for their approval, the legislation will head to President Obama’s desk to be signed into law.