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Time is of the essence! Message Congress today-support Medicare reform of Competitive Bidding and Medicare’s Audit process- S.2975

This Thursday is the deadline; Congress will meet to discuss funding for 2015 and possibly pass an omnibus bill. If there’s any chance of reforming Medicare this year, this is it!

Please message your member of Congress and Senator today. We’ve made it easy.

Click here to visit the VGM DC Link Action Center.

Here you will find two already composed messages; one to your Senators and one to your member of Congress. Be sure to take action on both messages. The messages are editable. Feel free to compose your own message.
The senate companion bill to HR 4920 was announced last week, S.2975. It is vital that reach out to your Senators today to ask them to support this bill.
Also please ask your congressman to support HR 5083 and HR 4920.
Should an omnibus arise this week, we are hopeful Congress will keep in mind the HME supplier community and the beneficiaries they serve.