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The Value of Meeting with Members of Congress

Nebraska supplier, Ed Erickson, from Great Plains Homecare Equipment, notified us that he was going to participate in Nebraska Congressman Adrian Smith invitation to come talk with the Congressman as he meets with constituents.

Ed Erickson with Rep. SmithEd took full advantage of that opportunity! Ed shared handouts he prepared on the impact the Medicare cuts are having on the Medicare beneficiary’s – such as access issues and increases in out of pocket expenses; his business drastic reductions in net revenue; and provided talking points that included that we are the most cost effective form of healthcare and if CMS continues to cut, it will impact Medicare beneficiaries and the healthcare system.

Here is Ed’s report from the meeting:

My meeting with Congressman Smith went well.  There was a captive audience of about 20 seniors along with the Congressman. We discussed the competitive bidding pricing cuts and the growth of Medicare beneficiaries out of pocket expenses for DME because of it. I saw a lot of heads nodding!  Congressman Smith knows the issue and helped inform those in the room of some of the details, which backed up that he has been listening to us.

After the meeting, Ed had an opportunity to chat more with Congressman Smith who shared that he sits next to Congressman Tom Price in the Ways and Means Committee and was well aware that Congressman Price is one of our HME Champions! Ed also conversed with the Congressman’s state assistant, who was with him the day prior, who reported hearing about access issues. This was because a constituent had called him about their HME company who had said they were no longer going outside a 30 mile radius and could not service them any longer.  This made a great segue into talking about access issues in rural areas and about CMS’s misinformation regarding access to HME!

We would like to thank Ed for this report and for his excellent work in keeping his members of congress in the know about the issues impacting HME! This is extremely important with the legislative work that is being done to delay the July 1, 2016 cut and to address the issues that are impacting the Medicare beneficiary’s access to home medical equipment!