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The fight is not over! Still needing support for Rural Relief Legislation

Our efforts didn’t end in 2015. Even though our outcomes didn’t turn out like we hoped, there are still opportunities for change in 2016. H.R. 4185, Congressman Price’s rural relief bill, is still an active bill. VGM, AAHomecare, and other industry leaders are strategizing to prevent any future reimbursement cuts in 2016.

H.R. 4185 not only provides relief to rural area suppliers by freezing reimbursement rates, but it also benefits suppliers who are in competitive bidding areas. It will lift the cap on the bid ceiling limit for future rounds and also will implement pilot to the Market Pricing Program, which would create a more fair bidding system.

Your help is needed. We need to get as many supporters as possible for HR. 4185. Is your congressman on the list? Click here to view the current list of supporters of H.R. 4185.

Please send your member of Congress a note today asking them to support H.R.4185.