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So many meetings…so little time.

With just a few congressional days left in 2015, groups met in Washington D.C. to get some face to face time with key congressional leaders.

Tom, Greg and GrassleyTom Greg and Yoder

Earlier this week Greg Packer of US Rehab and Tom Powers of VGM Government Relations met with over twenty congressional leaders in two busy days. The discussion in all meetings were CRT issues and the expansion to the competitive bidding program.

Today in DC, John Gallagher, Jay Witter and Tom Ryan of AAHomecare are pounding the pavement today. The group will continue the discussions to fix the issues with the expansion of the competitive bidding program.

John, AAH and Loebsack

Elsewhere in the country, in-state meetings and conference calls are being arranged thanks to grassroots efforts.

Last week Norco and Big Sky AMES members met with Sen. Crapo at a fundraising event. Many Big Sky AMES members met at Sen. Daines Missoula office and Rep. Zinke’s office to discuss the rural access issues.


Lastly…over 1600 messages have been sent to senators asking them to sign on to S.2312. Great job everyone. Please continue with these grassroots efforts!