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Seeking hospital support: Join the DME industry’s campaign to fight substantial reimbursement cuts

VGM has been reaching out to hospitals asking them to join the fight against reimbursement reductions to durable medical equipment. Please consider reaching out to your connections at local hospitals asking them to support this campaign. Feel free to copy and paste the message below and send to your hospital connections.


Many sectors across the health care industry will feel the aftershock of difficulties stemming from the DME industry if these cuts go into effect. DME providers, especially in rural America, are facing extremely difficult decisions, such as whether or not they would be able to accept new Medicare patients, purchase new equipment, what staff to retain or is it feasible to keep their doors open.

Hospitals in rural America will face many challenges due to these problems. Discharge planners will likely have a difficult time discharging patients as accessibility to this equipment will dramatically decrease.


In order for DME providers and hospitals to combat these cuts, a letter has been crafted outlining these concerns for hospital executives to send to their elected officials in Washington, D.C.


Click here to access the letter. (see attachment)


There are multiple ways that you can reach your elected legislators with this letter:

  • Copy and paste the letter onto your letterhead, and send to your congressional delegation;
  • Copy and paste onto your letterhead, and send to the VGM Government Relations team. Email the letter to with your location, and VGM will send the letter for you.


In advance, thank you for your time and consideration in supporting this campaign to stop these reimbursement cuts.