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SBA Roundtable in Minneapolis offered great resources to DME.

Today the National Ombudsman for the Small Business Administration, Rear Admiral Earl Gay, held a roundtable in Minneapolis where DME providers from across the state gathered to discuss the challenges they face from CMS. The discussions included Medicare policy issues that are hindering these DME providers from providing quality medical equipment to their patients. The primary topic was the recently imposed Medicare reimbursement cuts and how they are effecting DME businesses and the patients they serve. In attendance was multiple House and Senate office representatives along with several state and federal agencies that offered resources for the small businesses in attendance.

Admiral Gay was very impressed with the discussions from the DME providers. He offered his full support on the importance of assuring that providers in rural America have the proper resources to care for their patients. The Admiral has been a strong supporter of the industry and fully understands the vital role that the DME industry plays in the healthcare community.

A big thank you to all of the DME providers who attended this event and spoke on behalf of the DME Industry!