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SBA Roundtable brings together concerned DME providers in Wisconsin, Illinois and South Carolina

SBA in Wisconsin

(Neidi Mack of the Alden Group, Susan Cesek of Prism Healthcare Services, John Gallagher of VGM, Cindy Ciardo of Knueppels Healthcare Services, Collin Brecher of VGM and Rick Adamich of Oxygen One, Inc and President of WAMES)

The impending July reimbursement cuts pushed many DME suppliers in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and South Carolina to speak at the Small Business Administration Roundtables in Kenosha, WI today and Spartanburg, SC yesterday. The message was clear; the July reimbursement cuts to DMEPOS must be stopped!

In Wisconsin, attendees from the DME community included: Rick Adamich of Oxygen One, Inc and President of WAMES., Neidi Mack of the Alden Group and of Great Lakes State Association, Susan Cesek of Prism Healthcare Services, Adam Smerecki of Aurora at Home, Cindy Ciardo of Knueppel Healthcare Services. VGM’s own John Gallagher and Collin Brecher attended and help facilitate the meeting.

Congressional staff from Sen. Baldwin’s office, Congressman Ribble’s and Congressman Grothman’s office were in attendance and heard the concerns of the DME providers.  Great conversations were brought forward about the regulatory impacts on small businesses, including reimbursement cuts, audit and appeals process and problem with the competitive bidding program. Representatives from the DME community spoke about the devastation that the July reimbursement cuts will bring to DME providers and beneficiaries.

Deputy Ombudsman Yolanda Swift announced at the Kenosha roundtable that CMS will be creating a working group that will specifically focus on audits and prior authorizations. Ms. Swift gave credit to the many DME providers who have spoken at SBA events.

In South Carolina, attendees from the DME community included members from SCMESA, Chip Fuller and Steve Fuller of Quality Home Medical and Gil McCall of VGM. Also in attendance was staff from Sen. Tim Scott’s office. The National Ombudsman Admiral Earl Gay and others on the panel heard about issues such as the July reimbursement cuts, audits and many problems with the competitive bidding program in general.

Many thanks to all who took the time out of their day to participate in these events! And thank you also to the state associations who helped promote these events, SCMESA, WAMES and Great Lakes.