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Fall Seminar Series 2015VGM Group, Inc. Fall Seminar Series, sponsored by Philips Respironics, begins October 6 and runs through December 8 in fourteen cities.

Topics vary among the cities, and include Preparing for the Expansion of the Competitive Bidding Program to Rural America in 2016; Tips, Tools and Strategies to Optimize your Business in 2016; Competing Forces Within: Balancing Sales with Successful Reimbursement, and, in 2017 Bid areas only; Preparing for the Round 1 2017 Bid: Step-By-Step Procedures, Checklists, Strategies & VGM Bid Prep Worksheets; and HME in 2016 & Beyond: Acquiring a Bid Contract, “MPP” in the Future, and Analyzing Your Financial Position.

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