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Regina Gillispie of Best Home Medical and Tom Power’s forge ahead to the White House

Regina in the White HouseRegina Tom and LoebsackYolanda Tom Regina and Rep. Jenkins

VGM member Regina Gillispie of Best Home Medical will not be forgotten by her West Virginia delegation in Washington. She has become a familiar face and a resounding voice of reason from the DME industry.

We are happy to report that Tom Powers of VGM and Regina attended many quality meetings last week, speaking on behalf of DME suppliers, primarily discussing rural access issues and the effects CMS policy is having on rural suppliers and the patient’s they serve. They attended meetings in the White House with Vice President Joe Biden’s staff as well as meetings with Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell’s staff. They also had many fruitful congressional meetings as well.

Regina has been building great rapport with the West Virginia delegation. She’s had conversations directly with Sens. Shelley Capito (Rep.) and Joe Manchin III (Dem.), who both signed on immediately after S.2736 was released.

Regina says, “After two visits in the last month to D.C. and testifying at an SBA hearing, I finally see Congress understanding how serious our issues are to beneficiaries and small businesses. I have learned that making the calls and visits and developing relationships with your representatives and their staffs make a big difference. I decided to spend money to go to D.C. with Tom Powers from VGM and to make sure, even if we couldn’t help stop the cuts and audits, then I would at least make them hear me out.
We were able to get bipartisan support from West Virginia senators and representatives. So, be persistent, professional and passionate, and they will listen.”

Tom Powers says, “This is grassroots in action. Regina has been building great relationships with her members, getting to know the district staff. All of these efforts culminated into 100 percent participation of West Virginia’s senators on S.2736. Her senators were ready to sign before the bill dropped due to the conversation and relationship built by Regina. We need everyone to follow in Regina’s footsteps.”

Great work Regina and Tom!

Please reach out to Congress today. Ask them to support S. 2736, which will freeze the current Medicare fee schedules and postpone any future cuts until 2017. TAKE ACTION HERE!