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Record number of advocates taking action for DME supporting S. 2736!

Last week had record numbers of advocates messaging Congress about S.2736, the new Senate bill that will delay the dreaded Medicare reimbursement cuts coming in July. This bill gained the support of 15 senators in just a few short days. Click here to view the list of co-sponsors. The legislation will freeze the current reimbursement rates and offers a 15-month delay to the July 1 cuts in non-bid areas. Click here to view bill language.

Over 1,200 messages were sent to members of Congress since last Thursday! We are expecting the House bill to be released this week, but we need to keep this momentum in order to move forward. If you haven’t messaged Congress yet, do so today! Share the link with all of your colleagues and any other providers in order to spread this call to action. Also, remember to send this email to any of your family and friends as these cuts will likely affect them now or in the future!


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