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Recapping the Iowa Caucus: “What is the big deal about Iowa?”

The state of Iowa has a very special role in nominating presidential candidates and that can be difficult to understand. It isn’t uncommon for people to ask, “What is the big deal about Iowa?”

The state of Iowa has the first say in who the presidential nominees will be for both parties. Candidates flood the state for months in order to hold town hall events and rallies to gain support of Iowa voters.

Many VGM employees participate in the caucuses, which are held in local schools, churches, and community centers. This election has created quite a lot of attention for a number of different reasons, which can explain the record number of participants for both the Republicans and Democrats.

The VGM Government Relations team also played a role in the caucuses. Aside from participating, both John Gallagher and Collin Brecher volunteered as precinct chairman at their respective caucus locations.

Now presidential candidates move on to New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada as the race to the White House heats up! We encourage all of our members to participate in this election and play a role in nominating the next president!