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Reach out to your local NFIB office. Ask them to support independent DME suppliers and their legislative efforts.

The National Federation of Independent Business has an interest in issues that plague the DME industry. They are a highly respected organization that piques the interest of Congress. We need their declaration of support.

Time is a factor so we are asking you to call your state’s NFIB office today. Speak to them about the issues the DME industry is facing. Encourage them to reach out to your state’s Senators and congressional offices in support of independent DME suppliers. Ask them to be supportive of the Senate Bill S.2312.

What to do next?

  1. Click here to visit the NFIB website and find your state’s NFIB contact.
  2. Call your state office to ask them to engage your Senators to support S. 2312, the “DME Stabilization Act of 2015.”
  3. Use these talking points if needed:
  • The nationwide expansion of the competitive bidding program on Jan. 1, 2016 creates up to a 45 percent reimbursement cut, making it difficult to impossible to do business.
  • It is not uncommon for rural providers to travel 100 miles one way to deliver and service medical equipment, which is not accounted for in the reimbursement equation.
  • Home medical equipment companies that provide essential life supporting services to Medicare and other insurance beneficiaries will go out of business.
  • With medical equipment access issues on the rise for items like walkers, wheelchairs and oxygen, Medicare and Medicaid patients are having extreme difficulty receiving the equipment that they desperately need.

Many thanks to Don Jones for his tireless legislative efforts and relationship building with the key members of the NFIB.