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Providers meet with Speaker Ryan’s Staff discussing Rural Rollout

Wisconsin DME providers had the opportunity to meet with district staff of Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan in Janesville on Monday morning. Mercy Medical Supply hosted the meeting with other Wisconsin providers, WAMES and VGM Group in attendance as well.

VGM’s John Gallagher travelled to Janesville in order to be at the meeting and was very pleased as it showed that Wisconsin providers have been very engaged with Ryan’s staff in addition to other members of the Wisconsin congressional delegation.

The conversation is defiantly shifting from why the July reimbursement cuts must be rescinded to how Congress is going to reach the finish line on rural rollout legislation. Ryan’s staff member was well versed on the issue and conveyed that Ryan and the leadership will remain engaged on finding a solution. This comes as a GAO report showed the accessibility issues to beneficiaries from the competitive bidding.

This report has supported the argument of the HME industry that competitive bidding threatens access to care and equipment after slashing reimbursement rates nationwide. The report is gaining momentum as hospitals and providers are turning up the heat on Congress to get rural relief and competitive bidding reforms passed during the Lame Duck session of Congress after the election.

The University of California Hospital System wrote a comment letter to CMS noting the significant problems of being able to obtain DME because of the flawed program. Focusing on the fact that even winning bidders are dropping out of the program, shows there are big problems with this program.

Click here to read the full letter. (SEE ATTACHMENT)