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Providers Meet in Michigan to Discuss Proposed Rate Cut from BCBS

Tom Powers, of VGM Government Relations, traveled to Lansing, Michigan, with a few other Michigan providers yesterday to meet with Al Pscholka, budget director for the state of Michigan, and two Medicaid representatives. The meeting was with a small number of providers in order to start a discussion about the proposed rate cuts from Blue Cross Blue Shield in Michigan. It revolved around ways to take the message to a higher level of Blue Cross Blue Shield and identify ways to be helpful.

Tom reports, “We certainly brought awareness on the reimbursement issues with the representatives of Michigan Medicaid. Out of that discussion we learned that there is no intention of lowering Medicaid rates in Michigan, which was good intel for discussions moving forward.”

Pscholka showed concern about the proposed cuts and will work to find ways to be helpful on the issue. He was very aware of the reductions and the impacts they are having on providers. As a former member of the Michigan legislature, Pscholka is very knowledgeable of health care related issues and will be helpful as providers continue the discussion on securing sustainable rates.

Additionally, the group met with the lobby firm of Michigan Home Care and Hospice Association (MHHA) to discuss strategies and ideas going forward.

Next, the group is planning meetings with Blue Cross Blue Shield at the policy-making level to show impacts on these proposed cuts and will lay out the next steps.

VGM is monitoring several states that are looking at reducing reimbursement rates to align with Medicare pricing. VGM is diligently working with state associations and grassroots providers to mitigate these reductions.