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Please Continue to Support H.R. 4185 – Need More Co-sponsors!

In 2015, many of you took the time to meet with your member of Congress, speaking about the issues with the expansion of the competitive bidding program, CRT and audits. Many of you reported to us that after speaking with your member of Congress, they were supportive of our efforts. Congressman are constantly bombarded with issues, we need to keep our issues at the forefront.

Have you followed up on those meetings? Has the Congressman signed on to the bills? HR 4185 currently has 77 co-sponsors. There was a surge of co-sponsors at the end of the last congressional year as we were pushing for our bill to be included in the omnibus bill. But we’ve only had a few new co-sponsors since the new year. The bill is still active and we still need co-sponsors!

Has your congressman signed on? Click here to view the list of co-sponsors for HR 4185.

If not, please reach out to them today! The fight is not over. We are hoping to stop Medicare from implementing the scheduled reimbursement cuts in July. We need as many members of Congress to support this. Click here to reach out to your member of Congress today!