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Outstanding Texas meetings today and yesterday!

Tom Powers of VGM reports that the meetings with the offices of Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. John Cornyn and Chairman Kevin Brady couldn’t have gone better. The large group of DME providers that attended the meetings delivered a clear and concise message about the industry’s issues. Both Senate offices and Chairman Brady’s office were cognizant of the issues, asked relevant questions and took notes. All three offices said they would speak to the D.C. offices.

These meetings couldn’t have come at a better time. The DME providers acknowledged and greatly appreciated that Sen. Cruz and Sen. Cornyn’s allowed the hotlined bill S. 2736 to pass the Senate in July; they made it clear changes have not occurred, the sledge hammer of reimbursement cuts still took place and we will need their help after the elections.

Chairman Brady’s offices was well versed in our efforts and said the Chairman is also aware and will do what can to help during the lame duck session.

(DME providers in the Chairman Kevin Brady’s office in Conroe, TX)

Barbara Patterson of AA Mobility attended all three meetings and reports,  “Our well-documented and prepared attendees shined some significant light on the challenges faced by Medicare beneficiaries and DME providers.  It was evident much of the information was new and elicited shock.  I think our information will get passed along.  Many thanks to Emily, Tom and team for the hard work to put all of us together.”

Thank you to all Texas DME providers who attending these meetings! Your powerful voices made an impact.