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Op-Ed Outlines Cuts to DME Reimbursements threatens patient access as Congress Returns.

An op-ed in the The Hill on Wednesday evening adds to the continued attention that the DME industry is getting in press outlets with a nationwide audience. The op-ed comes in a timely fashion as Congress has returned from the August recess ready to address the many issues facing the country before they adjourn for the elections.

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Industry stakeholders and advocates have been preparing over the past weeks to push Congress over the finish line after legislative solutions were left sitting on Capitol Hill in July. Now, after numerous providers met with their elected official and continued pressure through the grassroots efforts, DME is a part of the discussion in the September session. Provider stories have been a big role in continuing to keep the pressure on congressional leaders to solve the problems of these continuous cuts driven by CMS. We ask that you continue to reach out to your member of Congress and tell them exactly how these reimbursement cuts are impacting your business!