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On the CRT front: Bills H.R. 3229 and S. 2196 are rapidly gaining support

We are happy to announce the co-sponsor tally for the Complex Rehab Accessories bill has recently had an up-tick. The House bill H.R. 3229 is up to 56 co-sponsors. And the Senate companion bill S. 2196 has seven co-sponsors.

If passed, these bills will exclude complex rehab accessories from Medicare’s Competitive Bidding Program. The program is expected to reduce reimbursement rates significantly, making it difficult for suppliers to be able to provide these necessary items. Ultimately Medicare beneficiaries will lose access to these items or be forced to pay out of pocket.

Let’s keep the momentum going! It is critical that we continue to reach out to offices for additional co-sponsors, as getting these bills passed before year end is the only way we can stop these cuts and protect access. Click here to send a message via VGM’s DC Link.