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NYMEP meets with Senator Chuck Schumer’s staff

NYMEP and VGM had the opportunity to meet with staff from Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D- NY) staff to discuss the rural rollout of competitive bidding. Senator Schumer’s staff asked a lot of great questions during the visit and indicated that they would be taking a close look at the legislation. Senator Schumer is a very respected member of the Senate and the industry would greatly benefit from his support on S. 2736! Way to go NYMEP

From Kim Voelker:

NYMEP President Anthony Cecere, President, Homecare USA, Inc.; Dan DeSimone, President, Continued Care of Long Island, Inc.; Margo Colarossi, Regional Account Manager-North East, VGM & Associates, Inc.; and NYMEP staffer Kim Voelker met with Senator Schumer’s Julietta Lopez, Director of Community Outreach and Intern Coordination, and Veronica Duron, Legislative Health Aide to discuss the Senate bill and myriad related issues.

President Tony Cecere highlighted the negative impacts the ongoing rounds of Competitive Bidding have had on the patients they serve and the industry as a whole. “It has become increasingly difficult to manage and support patients’ complex clinical needs with quality and reliable products at the CB SPA price structure.  The newly published unsustainable reimbursement rates will further negatively impact effective patient care by eroding timely product access, significantly effect therapeutic compliance and result in concomitant patient morbidity and mortality.

Our industry is a cornerstone to cost effective patient management and part of the solution to reducing overall health care savings.  However, decimating the participation of small businesses in the community runs counter productive to the support systems required to prevent unnecessary, costly and overwhelming visits to Emergency Departments across the country.  Legislators and CMS need to understand our pivotal role in the health care dollar balance and realize that their policies are penny wise but dollar foolish.”