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Nevada’s DME Tax Exempt Issue will be on the November Ballot!

The Alliance to Stop Taxes on the Sick and Dying has been working hard at getting signatures to put forth a measure to stop Nevada patients from paying sales tax on necessary medical equipment.

On Tuesday, confirmation came from the Secretary of State’s office that the Medical Patient Tax Relief Act petition is sufficient, and will appear on the 2016 General Election Ballot.

Doug Bennett of the Alliance reported, “The long struggle for verified registered voter signatures is over.  The petition is now officially a “ballot measure” to be voted on in November throughout the state.  The people of Nevada will have an opportunity to take the first step in ridding themselves of this immortal and onerous tax.”

Nevada residents- Please spread the word to voters in November, Vote YES the DME Tax Exempt Issue.

Congratulations to all Doug Bennett, Rich Pozesky of NAMPS and all who made this happen!