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NEMEP names Beth Bowen as new Executive Director

In a press release Tuesday afternoon the recently formed Northeast Medical Equipment Providers Association (NEMEP), made up of New York and New Jersey supplires, announced that Beth Bowen has been selected to lead the association. Bowen and her group, TayCar, Inc. currently manages, ACMESA, FAHCS, and ATHOMES, in addition to NEMEP.

“How exciting it is for me to work with another strong association – a blend of NY and NJ providers and suppliers who have come together to pool their efforts. Fortunately, NEMEP has had dedicated staff and leadership that has set a solid foundation from which to grow. I’m fortunate to be selected as the Executive Director and I look forward to blending synergies of my other state associations while at the same time facilitation unique ideas to NEMEP, said Bowen.”

President of NEMEP and CEO of Continued Care located in New York said, “Aligning NEMEP with Beth’s team and experience assures that we will continue to be the voice for all providers of Home Medical Equipment and Supplies in our region.”

Congratulations to Beth!