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Need for the DME providers and beneficiary’s voices in the next several weeks

After sitting on the edge of our seats these past few weeks, it’s looking like any chance for legislation changes to the competitive bidding program will have to wait until after the elections, during the Lame Duck. Our recent conversations with members of Congress, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, seem to elude to greater chances of change to the competitive bidding program and reimbursements would have to be after the elections in a year-end spending package. Election day is November 8th and Congress returns to D.C. that same week. The Lame Duck will be after the election through Dec. 9th when Congress dismisses for the holiday season.

The stories that DME providers have sent to VGM, AAHomecare, People for Quality Care and directly to their member of Congress are working! We now need the DME Industry to get in front of the legislators during these next few weeks. There will be many opportunities to get a few minutes with the members of Congress while they are campaigning in the home states.  They will be all ears as they are vying to get your vote! Please keep an eye for an event near you. Let them know how the 2016 Medicare reimbursement cuts to medical equipment effected your business and the patient’s you serve.  Simply tell your story!

Yesterday in an Alabama newspaper, Thom Harvill of Riverside Medical Inc shared his editorial, Patients, providers burdened by Medicare cuts. Click here to view the article.

This is a great example of strengthening our message for reform! Please follow Thom Harvill’s lead and reach out to your newspaper or local news stations informing them about effects of Medicare reimbursement cuts.

We are still seeking support from hospitals; asking them to fight this battle with the DME Industry. Congress needs to hear from the hospital administrators and discharge planners on how these cuts are effecting discharge issues, readmissions and DME access issues in general.  Click here to access the letter. Please forward to your contacts at nearby hospitals, ask them to sign/add their logo and send this letter to their member of Congress.

While CMS continues to claim that all is well with competitive bidding, we need to continue to disclose the true stories of DME providers and Medicare beneficiaries to the public and Congress.