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Most updated results from the Hospital Campaign

We are happy to report that our campaign encouraging hospitals to reach out to their member of Congress about the DME reimbursement concern has completed phase one. 17 hospitals including many of their branch offices have reported sending letters to their members of Congress and Senators.

In these letters, hospital administrations express their severe concerns about the lack of DME accessibility due to DME reimbursement cut.  Medicare policies such as competitive bidding and the expansion to the bidding program to rural areas are forcing DME providers to make difficult business decisions regarding their ability to provide care to patients. Many are considering cutting back on their delivery distances, some are closing branch offices. These changes will in-turn effect hospital discharge and readmission as the discharge planners struggle to find quality DME products in a timely manner in order to get the patient home.

Click here to see the report/map of hospitals that have taken action.

This is an on-going campaign. Please continue to encourage your friends and contacts at hospitals to reach out to their legislators, letting them know about the issues with Medicare reimbursement of DME.