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Meetings with the offices of Sen. Cruz, Sen. Cornyn and Chairman Brady today and tomorrow in Texas

DME providers in the Dallas/Fort Worth surrounding areas along with Tom Powers are attending meetings with the offices of Sen. Cruz and Sen. Cornyn today. The primary discussions in the meetings will be efforts to pass legislation to reform the competitive bidding program and retro the reimbursement rates back to July 1, 2016.   In August, DME providers in the Houston area also met with Sen. Cruz and Sen. Cornyn’s offices having these same conversations.

While both Senators allowed the S.2736 hotlined bill (Patient Access to Durable Medical Equipment Bill) to pass in July, but we still need their up-coming support post-election. Both offices need to continue to hear stories from DME providers and beneficiaries about the negative effects of the bidding program and the trickle-down effect it is having on other payer sources.

In addition to today’s meetings, Tom and a few others will travel to Conroe tomorrow morning to meet with Chairman Brady’s office. Rep. Kevin Brady is the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. We need the Chairman’s support in order to pass legislation in the next couple weeks.

Hopefully we’ll have some updates and photos to share with you later this week.