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Medtrade Wrap-up: Rep. Price offers attendees optimism on DME legislation

On Wednesday morning, Medtrade attendees had the opportunity to hear from DME champion and Chairman of House Budget Committee, Rep. Tom Price, M.D. (R-Ga.) and his thoughts on the DME related legislation working through Congress. As different rural rollout legislation waits to be picked up by both the House and Senate, Price conveyed to providers to remain engaged with the issue as the rural rollout legislation has a significant chance of being passed when Congress returns for a lame duck session after the elections.

Dr. Price was very pleased with the amount of outreach and activism that the industry as a whole has been doing over the past two years, as DME issues have remained on the forefront of Medicare related discussions. Not that long ago DME was hardly on the radar of congressional committee hearings and policy discussions. Now, because of the hard work of providers and industry stakeholders pounding the drum to raise awareness, many elected officials have a real understanding of the many issues that providers are facing.

While much of the discussion revolved around reimbursement and access issues, Price also brought up the constant barrage with audits that freeze much needed cash flow for independent providers. “If the federal government can’t get their act together and move through the process [the appeal] is decided in your favor after an finite period of time. For me, that would be six months.

“We were very honored to host Dr. Price at Medtrade this year and personally present him with the award,” said John Gallagher. “Dr. Price has been a long time champion for DME on Capitol Hill and with the outstanding efforts from the grassroots network of providers meeting with their representatives, this industry is in a strong position to get rural relief over the finish line during the lame duck session.”