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Medicare makes it tougher to get equipment

Reported by Ashland Daily Tidings in Ashland, OR

Alice needed a walker. She had become frailer following a hospital stay. Sounds simple, and it used to be simple to meet this need. Not necessarily any longer. Things have changed and you will want to know about this.

Alice had her doctor fax the order to a medical supply company in Medford. In the past, they would submit this to Medicare, and in a few days at most, she would have the walker she needed. It didn’t happen. After many phone calls, I found out that in order to submit a bill for this piece of medical equipment, they needed explicit chart notes from her last visit to her doctor.

Now the calls shifted to her physician’s office to attempt to have these chart notes sent over. Weeks later (I kid you not) the notes had finally arrived, but were insufficient. For Medicare purposes, they needed a detailed assessment of her actual needs before they would proceed. I was sure it must have been a problem with this company, as I had never seen this happen in the past.

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