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Mark Higley offers insight on new single-payment amount announcement; webinar later this week

Mark Higley’s phone has been ringing off the hook since last week’s announcement of the single-payment amounts for the Round 2 Recompete. Many callers have posed the question, “How will these rates affect the cuts coming in July?” We can speculate that the rates coming in July will endure the same or similar cut difference as the cuts that were taken in January (see graph below). If that’s true, we’ve come up with a short list of projected rates in different areas of the country.

Note: The rates assume an equal reduction of the January 1 cuts.

Rural zip codes found at will receive an additional 10% nationwide, regional add-on.


Mark will be hosting a webinar later this week to discuss the Round 2 Recompete SPAs. He will discuss how these new rates will impact the reimbursement cuts coming July 1. Mark will also discuss the recent final rule that eased the process to transfer a portion of a competitive bidding contract to another supplier. Please stay tuned for more information about this webinar.