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MAMES President Patrick Naeger Discusses CB Cuts on Radio Show

As reported by MAMES

MAMES President, Patrick Naeger, from Healthcare Equipment & Supply Co. in Missouri, did a live radio show last Friday at a large regional station in Cape Girardeau, Mo. Pat indicated that he originally was scheduled to be there for about 20 minutes, and it ended up being more than an hour long program.

After the radio show was over, the owner of the station, asked Pat to do a radio spot and offered to do it as a public service spot. The station’s owner offered the spot at his expense, for he felt the listeners needed to hear what was going on and that they needed to act.

Click here for Patrick’s radio spot in Missouri.

This is a great example of getting your communities educated on the reductions being taken by CMS, not only on the rural roll out of competitive bidding pricing, but also on 35% reduction on ventilators, and the 6-month delay on fixing the CRT accessories reimbursement that was passed by law.

The only cost for Pat to do this was his time out of the office.

When MAMES asked Pat how this opportunity came to be, Pat indicated that he does advertising with this station. Once a month the radio station invite clients to do an open mic where it is a call in show. They can discuss what they want and talk about their business if they like.

Pat had sent the station the MAMES press release. They subsequently invited him to participate in the open mic session to talk about the cuts and the 20-minute session turned into more than an hour. Pat indicated that during the session, several folks called into the program to talk about it. Because there was so much activity on the discussion, it had led to the owner offering the free public service spot in order to continue to get the message out.

So, if you have relationships with TV/radio/print advertisers that you buy from, share with them that you need their help in getting the public educated on the drastic cuts in HME. This is a great opportunity to educate our communities!