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MAMES President, Pat Naeger featured in Southeast Missouri Business Today

Recently, the DME industry has seen a positive uptick in the amount of local and rural press directed towards the cuts to Medicare DMEPOS reimbursement. From VGM partnering with the SBA to coordinate the Regulatory Fairness Hearings for rural small businesses, to active DMEPOS and CRT providers ringing the bell to make these issues heard; these stories are extremely beneficial winning the fight against competitive bidding and maintaining the ability to provide quality care to patients. Pat Naeger has been an extremely vocal advocate for the industry and MAMES, and was featured in “The Top 5” of the April edition of Business Today.

As reported in Southeast Missouri Business Today:

2: Medicare Cuts Hit Home

Medicare began phasing in the first of two cuts to medical equipment, supplies and services in January. The second phase of cuts is slated to occur July 1. Combined, these cuts will total about 40 percent, according to The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. CMS has determined new reimbursement prices on everything from wheelchairs to hospital beds based on an analysis of prices submitted by various suppliers in areas across the country. “These cuts will affect many items Medicare beneficiaries need, such as oxygen equipment, CPAPS (positive-air-pressure machines),hospital beds, walkers, and wheelchairs,” said Patrick Naeger, who operates a health-care equipment company in Perryville, Missouri. He said the cuts in reimbursements will force some home medical equipment businesses to close. “Not only does this put seniors at risk of not having access to the equipment, supplies and services they need to be cared for in their homes, it puts them in jeopardy of sizable out-of-pocket expenses like they have never seen before,” Naeger said.