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MaineCare reportedly rescinding reimbursement cuts

In a Facebook post, New England state association, HOMES, has reported that MaineCare will be reverting their Medicaid reimbursements back to the December 2015 fee schedule. Main e had originally implemented the 2016 cuts in January and July in order to align with the newly reduced Medicare rates, but after seeing the impacts on providers that will soon be changing. HOMES and other DME providers had the opportunity to meet with MaineCare Director, Stefanie Nadeau, and other DHHS representatives to discuss these impacts. HOMES reports, “As soon as we sat down, Ms. Nadeau, announced that they will be going back to the December 2015 fee schedule. She explained that when the Medicare fee schedule was uploaded, their system automatically pulls the lower reimbursement because their state plan says that they cannot pay more than Medicare. While typical rule-making takes up to 120 days or more, Ms. Nadeau said DHHS would make the change as soon as possible.”

State associations play an integral role in the success of state level policy and a job well done by HOMES to advocate for Maine providers and ensure that Medicaid patients in Maine have access to the medical equipment that they need. If you are not a member already, we encourage you to join and support your state association!