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Immediate Action NEEDED: Call your senators and tell them to support S. 2736

VGM Government Relations is actively monitoring the status of S. 2736. There has been a hold placed on this bill by a senate office and we need a wave of immediate support from your senators. Unfortunately, the office that has placed a hold on this bill is anonymous, so we need to reach out to all offices immediately.

Please call the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 to be directed to your senators, and ask the following:

  • Support S. 2736 which is currently going through the hotline process in the Senate.
  • There is a deadline on this bill which requires this bill to be passed by the end of today.
  • Direct them to contact Senators Thune/Heitkamp with any questions or concerns.

ALL HANDS ON DECK as the clock is literally ticking for this bill to have a chance of being passed through the Senate by the end of the day. Please reach out to your senators now!