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Grassroots Providers Continue Preparing Positive Changes

Last week the VGM Government team was on the road meeting with providers as the industry continues to build on strong grassroots efforts.

John Gallagher elected to serve on KMESA Board

VGM Government Relations VP, John Gallagher attended the in KMESA board meeting to strategize Kentucky efforts moving forward into 2017. The group, which has worked hard to successfully implement strong licensure in the state, is looking to build on their coalition to advocate for Kentucky DME providers.

Tom Powers visits Iowa Legislature to Discuss MCO Challenges

VGM State Director, Tom Powers met with Iowa legislators last week, including Rep. Brian Best (R-Carroll) to discuss challenges providers are facing with the new managed care system. Best is the owner of Best Home Medical, a DME store in Carroll, Iowa, in a pretty rural part of the state. Efforts continue to be discussed to solve reoccurring problems within the program as it approaches the one-year mark since implementation.