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Grassroots Call to Action: Engaging with local media outlets to share your story

As the July reimbursement cuts to DME are implemented today, industry stakeholders have been coordinating grassroots efforts. VGM, People for Quality Care and the American Association for Homecare have created resource guides on how to engage with your local media in order to bring awareness to these unsustainable cuts to Medicare. We have seen many success stories of providers being featured in local and regional media outlets. Recently, Coastal Med Tech, which has locations throughout Maine, was featured on their local news to discuss the impacts of the cuts to their business and what that will mean for beneficiaries. Click here to view the video.

This kind of story has the potential to reach large audiences and often times gets the attention of elected officials. It is important to the grassroots movement to create waves throughout local media outlets to gather support and create awareness of this extremely urgent issue. There are guides available online to assist providers through the process of gaining the attention of the local media.

Click here to view a provider media guide.

Click here to view a guide you can provide to your Medicare beneficiaries.

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