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Getting H.R. 5210 and S. 2736 through the finish line

Now that both H.R. 5210 and S. 2736 have passed their respective legislative bodies, there is still work to be done. In order for legislation to be sent to the President, the langauge must be the same. Although both bills work to solve the same problem, the language is different in both bills. Simply put, H.R. 5210 offers a three month delay until September 30, 2016 because that bill uses a different pay-for than the Senate bill. S. 2736 offers a 12 month delay because of the Medicaid pay-for that it uses. While the industry would obviously prefer a 12 month delay, each chamber has a slightly different way of getting to a longterm solution.

Now the leaders of the separate bills, in efforts with House and Senate leadership are having disucssions on which solution to persue, given the differences of each bill.

The grassroots coalition has played a key role in this legislation getting through the final stages of the legislative process. There is not a lot of time for this legislation to get to the President’s desk as there are only 7 working days before Congress adjourns for the August recess. We encourage all providers reach out to their Senators and Representative and ask that they push for an agreement between the House and Senate. Congress adjourns on July 15 until September, so it is extremely important to reach out to them quickly in order to keep the pressure on for a solution to be agreed upon!