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GAO Report Released on Competitive Bidding Access

At the beginning of the week the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report on Round 2 of Competitive Bidding which found that beneficiaries receiving DME covered under competitive bidding. The report found that decreased access came from both Round 2 and National Mail-order supplies. CMS maintains the narrative that there are no patient access issues, yet industry stakeholders and government research shows the complete opposite.

The HME Cost Study, conducted by AAHomecare compliments these findings which shows that these cuts are not sustainable by providers as reimbursements are only covering an average of 88% of the overall costs for providing a single item.

Individual results:

DMEPOS Product Median Percent     
of Costs Covered
Standard Beds 69.58%
Heavy Duty Beds 90.35%
Liquid Oxygen 86.91%
All Other Oxygen 94.60%
BiPAP with Supplies 91.52%
CPAP with Supplies 67.83%
Walkers 83.88%
Lightweight Wheelchairs with Elevating Leg Rests 82.72%
Lightweight Wheelchairs with Footrests 82.79%
Standard Wheelchairs with Elevating Leg Rests 80.55%
Standard Wheelchairs with Footrests 71.35%
All Products Overall 87.68%


For more details, see:

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