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From the Reimbursement Team: The CURES bill passed….now how do we collect the additional reimbursement?

The burning question lately has been…now that the CURES Act has been signed into law how will providers go about receiving the additional reimbursement now that the fee schedule from Jan 1 has been extended through Dec 31.

We are anxiously waiting for CMS to announce how they intend to handle adjusting these claims. We likely won’t hear a definitive answer until after the beginning of the year.

Please note-the following is speculation based on similar situations in the past. Below are a couple of potential scenarios of how CMS could handle the adjustment process:

  • CMS could implement a mass adjustment which would require little to no administrative efforts from DME providers.
  • CMS could require DME providers to manually submit a written reopening.

Providers would also be able to collect co-pays from patients or secondary insurance once CMS adjusts the claims.

VGM will continue to monitor any reimbursement developments and pass along any new information.