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From the Reimbursement Team: Ability to send C2C form (Reconsideration)

Ronda and DanEffective immediately, DME suppliers can submit the C2C Solutions Provider Inquiry Form directly to C2C.

Remember this form is to be used ONLY when you believe C2C Solutions has overlooked documentation submitted and did not process your appeal correctly.

Click here for C2C provider inquiry form.

Complete the entire form, leaving out any HIPAA information.

Do not append any documents with the form.

If you failed to include any documents, C2C Solutions cannot amend their decision on the Level 2 appeal. This is where you would have to appeal to the next level with the ALJ.

The form can be faxed to 904-224-2760 or mailed to:
C2C Innovations
PO Box 44163
Jacksonville FL 32231

Also, as a reminder, do not forget about the post payment update from MLN Matters that limits the scope of review. Click here for the article on Post Pay Audits.

The Reimbursement Team

Ronda Buhrmester
Dan Fedor