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Forbes article recognizes Competitive Bidding Program as a “Fiasco”

Forbes hits the nail on the head by releasing an article on the “Fiasco” of Medicare’s competitive bid program. The article speaks about the flawed bidding process and how the bid rates are set by the median of all winning bids. The author, Paul Martyn, recognizes that this process encourages low ball bidding. Mr. Martyn says “what we’ve now got is a lobbied-up compromise that has resulted in a government price-setting scheme.”

John Gallagher commented on the article saying, “We’re always pleased to see awareness and support of our issues. It was nice to have a balanced report and basic understanding of a flawed competitive bidding system specific to the median bids issue.”

John says, “To have someone like Mr. Martyn, an outsider to the DME industry, report on this issue indicates that our educational efforts of this very complex industry are paying off.”

To read Martyn’s article, click here for the Forbes website and type “fiasco” in the search bar.