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Family-Owned DME Closes after 170 Years due to reimbursement cuts

Durable medical equipment providers across the country are feeling the pressure of declining reimbursement rates due to the highly flawed application of the Competitive Bidding Program. Sadly, yet another case of an independent DME company being forced to close its doors due to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Owner of Illiana Medical Equipment, Steve Gulick will be permanently closing the doors of his family owned company located in Danville, Ill. His family has owned the business since 1936 when his great-grandfather purchased what was formerly called, Woodbury Drug Company which dated back to 1846.

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Stories like this must be captured in the local media, and being sent to Capitol Hill in order for lawmakers to see the real-world impacts that can be directly related to the nationwide expansion of competitive bidding.

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