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Exercise your right to vote today

Sometimes it sounds better to just bury our heads in the sand and ignore all the b.s. that is going on. But regardless of your political views, it is our duty as Americans to educate ourselves of the issues and make formidable decisions based on our views and concerns.

The Presidential election is very important and gain the most news coverage, but its the local elections impact us most in our day to day lives.  Not only will we decide today who will be the President for the next 4 years, we will have to decide who you want in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

What happens after the elections? Congress goes back to work immediately. Do you have new Senator or Congressman? Now is the time to build relationships with new members of Congress. The new members need to be educated on our issues. Traditionally, new members have been more helpful as they are closer to their constituent base.

If your member of Congress hasn’t changed, it’s still important to remind them of our issues. Please speak with your federal delegation this week before they head back to D.C.

They need to asked to support legislation to reform the competitive bidding program, bills S. 2736 and H.R. 5210. There have been some really positive conversations with key members of Congress about our efforts. Let’s push for some changes before the end of the year!

Election Day fun at VGM

Yesterday at VGM the Government Relations Team had a little fun with the elections. Instead of voting for candidates, we voted for soups. The Government/Regulatory Team opened the doors of our typically quiet little nook and invited VGM associates to stop down to talk about our issues and our post-elections efforts, answer questions like where to find your voting location and of course vote for your favorite soup. We had 10 different kinds of soups, brought in by VGM Associates.  The winner of the contest was a delicious chicken and wild rice.