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Encourage patients to speak about DME access issues! People for Quality Care can help.

People for Quality Care (PFQC) is experiencing a surge of phone calls from beneficiaries impacted by Medicare’s rate cuts.  Beneficiaries have been reporting challenges in obtaining their medical equipment such as changes in payment requirements (having to pay out of pocket for items), timeliness of equipment, and delivery options. After listening to the beneficiary’s complaint, PFQC advocates explain the issues impacting their care and assist the patient in contacting their member of Congress. In some cases, even joining the patient on a conference call with their Congressional leader’s office.


We cannot stress enough the importance of getting your patients to contact People for Quality Care. Congress has told us many times that they are not hearing from beneficiaries. People for Quality Care provides our industry with the opportunity for the beneficiary’s voice to be heard.  Please encourage your patients to contact PFQC at 800-404-8702.