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Delivery Cost Calculator- Please take some time today to fill out this form

With the expansion of competitive bidding in 2016, CMS will reduce reimbursement rates in rural areas. Do they realize how much it costs to deliver medical equipment and service patients? Are they considering the cost of gas and the wear and tear on your vehicle? How about the time it costs to send a delivery person 50-100 miles away round trip?

VGM would like to track this information. We have created a delivery cost calculator in order to show Congress and CMS that rural areas will take a significant hit in 2016 when competitive bidding expands to the entire country. This data will be filed by state and sent to the appropriate members of Congress.

DME suppliers-please take a few minutes today to fill out the attached delivery cost calculator and send to back to Emily Harken at VGM. You may fax it as well directly to Emily at 866-993-4015, please include your name, company name, state and phone number in case we have questions. Your information will be kept confidential. Don’t forget to include all of your locations.

Click here for the delivery cost calculator.