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Cross Medical featured in local press raises awareness

Michael Isbell of Cross Medical was featured in the Marshall News Messenger this weekend discussing the impacts of Medicare cuts for his business and the beneficiaries that the company serves saying,

“In years past, Medicare … would pay us enough for one patient where we had profit margins,” Isbell said. “If we had another patient where a doctor called (and told us) ‘he doesn’t have any money or resources – what can we do as a community to help him?’ We’d jump in and make sure that guy had what he needed. We were taking care of the whole population. But they’ve cut us back so badly now that if you can’t pay your 20 percent, or your deductible, we just cannot serve you.”

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Media outlets are eager to cover Medicare related issues as it is always a hot button issue with seniors. Unfortunately, these situations are all too common due to the harmful competitive bidding program. Providers have the opportunity to create awareness on this issue and providers like Cross Medical are taking full advantage of the free press coverage. Congressional offices actively monitor local press outlets in their home districts and personal stories like this have an easy avenue to Washington D.C. and Capitol Hill.

Reach out to your local press and discuss the environment of your business and how this will impact Medicare beneficiaries. If you have any questions, please contact to learn more!