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Continued outreach to media and members of Congress. Keep it up!!!

Another story of the effects of the Medicare reimbursement crisis from a reputable DME supplier in Salisbury, NC. On the front page of today’s Salisbury Post, Craig Rae of Penrod Medical Equipment spoke how his business and Medicare beneficiaries have been affected by the reimbursement cuts.

“Right now, more and more seniors are having trouble getting medical equipment,” Rae said. He recently had a patient call about getting a walker with wheels. She said she called multiple places but no one could afford to help her.

Click here to read the article.

This is a great example of strengthening our message for reform! Please follow Craig Rae’s lead and reach out to your newspaper or local news stations informing them about effects of Medicare reimbursement cuts. Craig is also sharing this article with his members of Congress in North Carolina.

People for Quality Care reports a surge in media outreach efforts by DME providers and their beneficiaries. If you haven’t done so already, please reach out to your local media about the effects of the competitive bidding program and reimbursement cuts. PFQC has provided you with a press release. Feel free to personalize this and make changes reflective of your demographic.

Click here to access the press release from People for Quality Care.

We must keep the momentum going! The likelihood of anything DME/CRT passing this year will be after the November 8th elections into December. There will be many opportunities to get a few minutes with the members of Congress while they are campaigning in the home states in the next 43 days.  They will be all ears as they are vying to get your vote! Please keep an eye for an event near you. Let them know how the 2016 Medicare reimbursement cuts to medical equipment effected your business and the patient’s you serve.

Continue to share your stories with the media and members of Congress! And let us know if you’re your article is published or you receive a response so we can inspire others to take action as well!