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Congressman Blum (R-IA) event at John Gallagher’s home, special guest Sen. Joni Ernst

Tuesday evening John Gallagher and his family played host to 145 guests for an event for Congressman Rod Blum (R-IA). Special guest at the event was Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA). While the guests enjoyed grilled burgers and hotdogs, the Senator and Congressman answered many of the crowd’s questions about the current presidential election, healthcare issues, veteran issues and current status of the economy.

Upon return to Washington D.C. in September, Congressman Blum committed to reaching out to House leadership to address the July reimbursement cuts.

Congressman Blum also was able to arrange a meeting with the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and VGM executives the very next day!

Clint Geffert and John Gallagher of VGM as well as David Whitten of Apria attended the small event in Cedar Rapids with Congressman Blum and Speaker Ryan. They were able to get individual time with the about our issues. We were very appreciative to Congressman Blum who was able to provide us with the face to face time with the Speaker to address competitive bidding issues and recent reimbursement reductions. Speaker was knowledgeable and sympathetic to the plight of rural providers and providers in competitive bid areas. Speaker Ryan said “CMS has made a mess of the program and it needs to be fixed.”


Only a few weeks left of the August recess. Connect with your member of Congress today

It is important to keep our issues at the forefront of Congress. Persistence is the key! Stay in front of them with our issues. Attend town hall meetings, lunches, fundraisers or call their offices to make appointments.

Your voice is needed!  September will be here before we know it. The goal is to continue to build relationships that can help us make changes to Medicare policies this Fall. We need to continue to educate our legislators on our issues and the effects Medicare policies are having on the beneficiaries.

We will need as much ammo and support to take our fight back to Capitol Hill when Congress returns to D.C.

What can you do to help?

VGM Government Relations is here to help in any way from schedule the meetings for you, offering coaching sessions to answer any of your questions, and provide you with the concise points that will best get your message across. Please contact Emily at, or Collin at if you are interested in starting the dialogue with your elected officials